Angry residents of Winneba in the Effutu Constituency of the Central Region led by a powerful fetish priest have beseeched the dreaded gods of the land to deal ruthlessly with foreigners who have been influenced to vote in the constituency.

The residents allege that some politicians in the constituency are influencing people who do not vote in the constituency with sums of money to transfer their votes to the Efutu Constituency in order to take part in the upcoming District assembly elections and the 2020 general elections.

The fetish priest, Nana Enon in invoking the curse cautioned foreigners who have intended to transfer their votes to desist from such acts.

“Those who don’t vote in Winneba but have their votes transferred here if they allow themselves to be influenced by money and vote here, they sign their own death warrant. The person will leave here and go and die, if they value their lives they should stay away from Effutu. We live here and we know our problems, we don’t need foreigners to come and vote here and decide for us who leads us. Whoever has his or her votes transferred here to vote will exchange his or her life with the vote cast. By the slaughtering of these fowls and sheep, we seal the curses invoked.”