Indeed, your demise comes as a big shock to all individuals across the spectrums of
the different political divide.

You remain an institution in your own right and also always presented your political thoughts with sophisticated knowledge and respect for all.

Kwadwo, the depth of your thinking and the distinctive nature of your discourse echo the
kind of person you were even in your absence. “Me Kwadwo”- as I affectionately call
you was an epitome of a humble, resilient dedicated and unquestionably experienced
political figure that Ghana’s politics will forever miss.

Your untimely departure has caused an irreplaceable vacuum for the NPP even as we
prepare for election 2020. However, we take consolation in the fact that your death will
certainly not close the door for the things you stood for but rather rekindled the spirit of
patriotism and honesty among the political class and the entire citizenry.

The excellent display of unrefined indigenous wisdom and insight on critical national
issues and the ability to use sharp wit and humour to puncture all forms of mischief and
propaganda was legendary.

For me, you will be long remembered for your confidence, enviable human relations skills, expertise and tactful leadership style.

As a man of many parts, you exhibited leadership in your law career, family life as well
as the political arena – where your iconic reflections of political issues remain very unprecedented and forever unmatched.

The mentorship and training opportunities you offered me and the countless number of
younger generations of our dear party is indelibly imprinted in my heart.

You opened your doors to me to function as your Political Assistant from 2010-2014 as the General Secretary of the great NPP. This certainly has shaped my political thinking and
understanding of diverse issues.

Your advice and words of encouragement even after my appointment as the Director Political Affairs to the Chief of Staff, – Hon. Akosua Frema Osei- Opare will forever be missed. You have been a Father, an Uncle, a Friend, an

Anchor and a Mentor.

My deepest condolence and sympathy goes to all of us especially the immediate family.

Damirifa Due!!!!!! My Incoming National Chairman
Filled by
Frank Asiedu Berkoe
Director Political Affairs
Office of the Chief of Staff