Minister for Communications Ursula Owusu Ekufful has justified decision to shutdown 3 channels belonging to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC.

The minister in a letter to the DG for the state broadcaster explained the move is to free up space on the DTT platform which she argues is full.

But management and board of GBC have taken issue with the directive compelling them to run to the National Media Commission for redress.

The minority through its member of Communications Committee, Sam George has accused the minister of stampeding the work of the state broadcaster.

But speaking to the media, the communications minister explained she’s well within her rights to take the decision aimed at freeing up space and reducing maintenance of the DTT platform.

“…The stark fact remains that the sole channel, the sole multiplex through which broadcasting can be transmitted in this country for now is full to capacity. There is absolutely no redundancy on it. For us as a nation it’s dangerous to be in this situation.

“Until such time as we acquire an additional multiplex to provide for more channels for broadcasting in this country, we have no other means  of doing so. And so a responsible Ministry in a responsible government has taken the only means available at this time to sit with those who have excess capacities on that channel to cede some of it for the security of our own state and to provide an avenue for more efficient use of the single multiplex that we have and where we will work with them to ensure that their programming doesn’t suffer and they improve their efficiency to deliver even better services to the public.”