The Resident Pastor of Excellence Sanctuary of the Victory Bible Church International, Bishop Frederick Kwame Asamoah has cautioned founders of churches to beware of handing over the church to their children.

According to Bishop Asamoah, there seems to be a trend of Church Overseers grooming their children to take over their churches after their retirement.

Bishop Asamoah, who is also a lawyer cautioned that unless God has spoken to the founders about their children to be their successors else confusion may occur.

He was preaching on the theme : The Sovereignty of God and explained that God’s style of leadership in the church is not a dynasty system.

God’s governance is by Divine Selection because He knows the heart since man look at the outward appearance.

He revealed that God called Moses and appointed Joshua as his successor and after that anyone that God seems fit to be the Judge for a particular season and purpose.

“When Prophet Eli tried to appoint his children to succeed him it backfired and God destroyed him and the children and the same thing happened to Samuel and his children because it was not God’s will” he revealed.
He quoted Rom 13:1-5, Daniel 2:21 among many other Bible verses to explain.

He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

“God appoints and calls anyone He wants to lead His church and destools anyone not from Him” he added.

He elaborated further that the church thrives on loyalty and God sees the heart’s of faithful and trustworthy servants that have served sincerely that deserve to handle His church.

“The church is not anyone’s personal property to think of handing over to anyone’s children because Jesus said that I will build my church, so the founders must be careful not to attract the wrath of God” he warned.

Source:Ghana/ Inusah