Journalist Maxwell Okamafo Addo (right) in a chat with late Vice resident Amissah Arthur

Today Mark’s exactly 3 years that you were called by your Maker. I still maintain that there are two types of people who populate Ghana, those who make themselves and those who make history. History-making individuals are rare to come by. That is what my Boss late Kwesi Amissah -Arthur stood for.

They are dominated by the desire to fulfill a noble goal. They think less about personal comforts. They reflect more on the common goal. Profit in worldly pursuits does not appeal to them. They stand by lofty principles and pursue them to a logical conclusion.

Sir, you were an astute politician, a clever, methodical, and intelligent man, who was very adept at wrong footing all the persons who make an effort to second-guess or under-estimate you. You understood the game of politics.

As an individual who held the post of deputy finance secretary/minister for ten years (more than two terms of the current dispensation), and being in charge of the central bank during one of the longest period of stability for our currency since independence, it baffles political level-heads why people would want to undermine your political experience.

Papa, you proved to Ghanaians that politics can be played without rivalry and enmity.

If there were ever a man that was worthy of celebration in the context of Ghanaian history, power and politics, Papa you stand tall. I must confess that I find it difficult to write about you simply because I’ve mentioned you so many times in write-ups over the years and there is so much to say.

I still remember the moment I received the news 3 years today of your ascendance. Sir, my world caved in. My heart was torn into two, one was filled with heartache and pain, and the other died with you. Sleep still eludes me.

3 years down the line I am still however honored and delighted to be able to share a few words about this great and profoundly good man who is not only a former Vice President of Ghana but also a great patriot and nationalist and an outstanding elder statesman.

3 years down the Line you are still being remembered as an Epitome of Integrity, an “icon of transparency who lived an incorruptible life. I can say you were one of the nation’s shining stars and a frontline statesman who demonstrated passion for the unity, progress and development of Ghana. Indeed Ghana continues to remember you as a great man, a patriot, leader par excellence, and a shining star.

3 years down the line Ghana still remembers you as one of those that stood firmly on your principles, displayed great fidelity and commitment to your cause, and shown the world that Africa has men and women of courage that are consistent, true to their word, and loyal to their leaders.

There are still very few leaders in this category. Some come like a comet, only to fizzle out like the foam from a detergent, some like a temporary whirlwind, only to be still at its short surge. As you said 4 years ago. You can chew all Adam Smith’s theories but without knowing their applicability to the Ghanaian economy, you may run to digitization for cover.

Without lectures, your Economic Management Team provided Adenta and its environs with portable water that constantly flowed. Other similar projects were completed throughout the country. Economics should be practical. You stated. Ghanaians are now seeing the dividends.

Rest Well Sir Rest in the bosom of the Lord.