Some aggrieved public sector workers on Wednesday demonstrated in the capital, Accra against the 4% and 7% base pay increase proposed by the government for public sector workers.

The group rather wants public sector salaries to be increased by 25%.

Last Friday some aggrieved workers locked up their offices in protest of the adjustment.

The 4% pay rise offer for the next two years has been described as the weakest negotiation ever by organized labour creating apprehension within the various labour unions.

The Wednesday protest started of at the Obra Spot in Accra, and ended at Independence Square.

“No one was sponsored to be here. We all came here because we are aggrieved. This is just to show the government that we have the numbers. This is just the beginning. If the government does not respond to our petition earlier presented with the week, they will hear more of us,” the leader of the group, Norbert Gborgbortsi, said.

Source: Ghana/ Fm