Hon Isaac Adongo Asks;

Where is our “price stabilization levy” monies you have collected for the last five years?

For the past five (5) years, you have been charging Ghanaians a stabilization levy each time they buy fuel. The promise is to put the money into a fund to cushion consumers when fuel prices go up.

So far, the fund must have accumulated several millions of cedis.

Fuel prices are currently increasing, and one of the reasons for this increase is the steep depreciation of the Ghana cedi as against the “Arrested Dollar”.

Instead of using our money which Dr Bawumia and his gang have been collecting for the past five years, to alleviate our suffering by reducing the prices as agreed, they are rather telling us that they want to suspend further collection of the levy for the next 2 or 3 months.

This raises serious questions as to what has happened to the monies that have accumulated over the past five (5) years as a result of this levy on Ghanaians?

Let us get things right. Suspending the levy for two (2) months or so was not the original agreement this government had with Ghanaians as far as this levy is concerned.

The Cedi depreciation and the steady rise in fuel prices have affected prices of general goods and services, creating hardships for the ordinary people across the country but government has failed, refused or neglected to act possibly because they have chopped the money.

Countrymen and women! You have been suffering for three (3) main reasons:

1. Government wickedness by refusing to intervene to cushion you when prices of petroleum products are increasing.

2. You are suffering from the incompetence of Dr Bawumia through his inability to keep the cedi under control as promised.

3. We are all bearing the brunt of a government’s inability to respect a simple social contract to use “ring-fenced” funds for its agreed purposes at the right time.

Once again, i ask; where is the fuel stabilization levy money?

Na sika no wo hen?

Aato nsuo mu anaa?

Nana Addo and Bawumia are “eating” our money nyafu nyafu.