Ambassador Harold Adlai Agyeman is Ambassador & Permanent Rep of Ghana to the UN

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ghana to the United Nations, Harold Adlai Agyeman, has reiterated the country’s support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Making a statement at an emergency UN Security Council meeting just before the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops on Thursday, Ambassador Agyeman described the development in Ukraine as troubling.

“The situation has implications not only for Ukraine and its immediate neighbours but also for all our countries,” he stated on Wednesday, February 23.

“Security is indivisible and the insecurity of one is the insecurity of all.”

The emergency meeting came a couple of days after the UN Security Council met on the development in the region on Monday, February 21.

“We note with concern, the risks that an escalation of the situation in Ukraine hold for global peace and security and stress that those that choose the path of conflict rather than peace bear the consequences of their actions,” Ghana’s representative at the UN stated.

“We are concerned by reports of the commencement of hybrid warfare against Ukraine, especially attempts of cyberattacks against some of its critical infrastructure.”

Ambassador Agyeman further urged Russia to reconsider its intentions, urging calm in Ukraine.

“It may be begging the question, but nonetheless worth repeating. Ghana unreservedly stands by the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, a bona fide Member State of the United Nations, whose membership of this Organization provides for her guarantees over her internationally recognized borders, the same borders with which she joined this Organisation.”

Already, world leaders have condemned the move by Russia President Vladimir Putin.

The European Union met on Thursday to decide on the next line of action.

But Ghana urged all “to exercise restraint on the respective unsettled but accepted situations across the globe and to uphold the collective security mechanism established through the Charter of the United Nations”.

“Any differences that may exist in international relations must be adjusted by peaceful and legal means.”