In a spirited contribution to an Alma mater, a student of the Garden City University College has been honored at the school’s 14th Congregation for providing a facility for nursing mothers attending school.

The GCUC Kiddy Centre was constructed by Joshua Twum Barima realizing the discomfort nursing mothers endured either breastfeeding their babies in the open while attending lectures or having to bear with the inconveniences of sitting through lectures with their nestling children.

The student who recently renovated the facility built the centre between the years 2010 and 2014 while he was offering a Bachelors of Business Administration program at the Kenyase Based University.

Addressing the congregants after receiving honors from the founder of the school Mr. Albert Acquah, the alumni Joshua Twum Barima expressed optimism that the centre liberates nursing mothers to freely pursue their dream courses with no hindrances of child care.

Mr. Twum Barima averred, “I realized most mothers are unable to pursue their academic dreams after delivery until their babies attain a certain age. Some could not afford to hire caretakers to attend to their kids while they go to school.”

The testimonies of this innovative idea are enormous. Staff of the University College who are nursing mothers have equally benefited from this project,” he observed.

He further admonished the Alumnus of the Garden University College to endeavor to contribute their quota to the growth and development of the school.

In harnessing the spirit of giving back to their Alma mater, the University is set to launch an endowment fund to allow desirous persons to donate to the course of the University and its social impact projects.

Source: Heathcote – Fumador