Despite being a former MP, and Deputy Minister, Minister, Vice President, and President, Former President Mahama has no legacy in the NDC. Or maybe all NDC MPs performing well than him unprecedented?

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party was founded by late President Jerry John Rawlings. Late President John Evans Atta Mills came and within a few years saw the vision to build a Party office, and helped established a Party school that collapsed under President Mahama. President Mills also acquired 20 acres of land at Oyibi for the Party School. He had a vision. Under Mahama, the land has been encroached and sold out. What about H.E John Dramani Mahama, he should tell us what the party has achieved under him in terms of a legacy. Since the founding fathers, members set this party up 30 years ago. After 30 years of the formation of the NDC, what role has he played in the course of the development of the NDC in terms of a legacy.

Compared to that of the founding fathers’ visions to form a large, all-encompassing political party, with shoulders broad and strong enough to nurture and bequeath democracy to posterity. By now, the party should be owning all regional party offices not rented. Before he took over as the leader of the party his predecessors had laid a “solid foundation for socio-economic prosperity in terms of infrastructure development. Till date the Party office that was built in his own constituency was built by a Party member that he hates soo much
long before he became an MP and President of the Republic. And it’s still the same no facelift, compared to what Dr. Dominic Ayine, Haruna Iddrisu and John Jinapor and others have done to give their various constituencies’ offices a facelift. It tells party members a story. What is his legacy at the party level especially empowering the grassroots?

Instead, the NDC party that had an all-embracing membership policy and strong leadership under him is been relegated. Today all this has been squandered by him and his cult. There is no gainsaying that the NDC is the only truly national political party in Ghana. But the Mahama cult is destroying it Unlike his predecessors, President John Rawlings and Mills. His legacy in the NDC is Nil

Every President in the history of the NDC Party is always conscious of the legacy he wants to leave behind, a development that is always framed around how well the Party stands.
For most political party leaders, legacy is also about infrastructure and about life and living. What has the grassroots of the party benefited from him? It is about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future. Most NDC democratic Presidents from 92 till date campaigned on the premise of either being an anti-corruption hero or economic messiah who paved the way for the majority of households and businesses.

Unlike Ghanaian presidents, most forward-thinking leaders believe legacy is also about building the Party that brought you up. The late Nelson Mandela will always be remembered for his unwavering devotion towards racial equality and devotion to democracy and also for equipping the ANC.

President Mahama came into office under the blaze of tremendous goodwill in May 2012 after late Mills passed on. One may ask what is his legacy. Dr Kwabena Duffour as to whether he would contest or not is leaving a lasting legacy that will make the NDC party self-sufficient and make it more business-friendly so that the various constituencies can generate income on their own and become self-sufficient constituencies revenue generation Constituencies.

What about the JDM legacy in NDC? Cyberbullying media Gunmen and a cult of one man show. The word Democratic in the party is missing. Let’s be Analytical and save the Party.

By: Maxwell Okamafo Addo