Prior to the 2022 Constituency elections of our beloved NDC, elders of the party in their wisdom saw the need for the creation of Other Youth Representative (Second Deputy Youth Organizer) Portfolio. The creatures of this portfolio, have defined the scope of this portfolio to be the Second Deputy and assistant to the Youth Organizer of the Constituency they belong. They are given the right to vote in the Regional and National executive elections. Comrades who are interested in this portfolio are made to buy forms, undertake all processes characteristic of all other positions, campaign, and are eventually voted into office.

Worthy of mention is that the tenure for this portfolio is limited to the election of regional and national executives, after which the office elapses and the officers seize forthwith to hold themselves as officers of the party. Thus. the office and its officers seize to exist after they have spent resources to successfully contest, campaign, and win, and have voted in the election of regional and national executives.

This situation obviously breeds discouragement on the part of Comrades who spent equal resources to contest and win this position. To the extent that these officers actively participate in the election of regional and national executives, there is a need for them to be in office to take responsibility of the decision they took in respect of whom they have elected into regional and national executive offices.

While the creation of the office of Second Deputy Youth Organizer is an important one, its
current scope leaves much to be desired. It is on this premise that this Memo occasions.

It is the duty of the elders of the party to put in place measures to encourage youths in the party to work assiduously in carrying the good message and works of the Party to the people of Ghana in order to ensure the victory of our beloved Party in 2024 and beyond. It is my humble assumption that the fulfillment of the above proposition and in order to beef up the Youth Organization of the Party occasioned the establishment of this youth portfolio.

However, under the current scope of the portfolio, the following problems ensue:
That the decision will bring discouragement and reduce patriotism for the great NDC by these youths. It is keenly observed and, in fact, some of them have confined in some ranks and files of the Party their dissatisfaction about the scope of their office upon practically realizing that indeed the office will seize to exist after regional and national conferences. Consequently, the zeal with which these individuals set to work for the party has dwindled and is set to dwindle further if nothing is done to salvage the situation.

The training and experience that the Other Youth Representatives will acquire from the party will go waste upon the abrupt lapse of their short-lived two-year tenure. The party has spent resources to organize elections for these officers. The party will continually invest in them during their stay in office and they will acquire skills and experiences in the process. However, these officers will not be in the office for the party to reap the benefit of their experience prior to the 2024 elections and beyond. This is not the fault of theirs, but that of the creature of the office.

That the decision to treat the, office of Other Youth Representatives (Second Deputy Youth Organizer) differently and below all other Constituency officers including the other five appointed executives is not only unfair but a sheer breach of equity and equality. Other Youth Representatives spend resources to file, campaign before they are elected into office. It is reasonably anticipated that they will be treated equally as other Constituency Portfolios-alike and not below them and the five appointed executive members to the extent that they have only limited tenure. This, in my humble view, is unfair and needs to be remedied immediately.

That the definition of the Other Youth Representatives for a limited tenure present the office as just a tool for regional and national elections and nothing more especially, when the only major activity for the Office is to help in the election of regional and national executives for the party. This presents such an elected office as a seasonal one. Persons who hold this office will feel that their services are needed only for the regional and national executive elections and not geared towards victory in 2024 and beyond.


To the extent that the Other Youth Representatives (Second Deputy Youth Organizers) file for nomination, contest on equal measure, campa,ign and are elected into office like the other positions, there is an urgent need for them to be treated equally as the other officers. This requires allowing them to hold office for four years, same as the other officers. This will restore confidence in these people and encourage them to work assiduously to ensure the victory of the party in 2024 and beyond.

Most of the persons who occupy the position of Other Youth Representative are resourceful and rich in ideas. The party will also help them enhance their political know-how. This will mean that, as aforementioned, the party will commit resources into the development of these individuals. It is in the interest of the party to tap into same. In fact, it will be a disincentive for the party not to allow them to remain in office and use the skills, resources and knowledge to help the party.

Some comrades work effectively for the party when they are bestowed with leadership positions in the party. I own a strong opinion that these people identify themselves in this category and that motivated them to put themselves up for the position. It is the duty of the party, therefore, to protect their interest as such and ensure their continual service to the party.

The processes leading up to the election of these officers present itself the same as any other elected position in the Constituency. It is therefore very untenable to give them a limited tenure from all other positions in the Constituency. To bring fairness, equality and a sense of appreciation of the efforts of these Comrades, there is an urgent need to extend their tenure to four years.


It is worthy of reiteration the fact that the office of the Constituency Second Deputy Youth Organizer promises to be a very important one. However, the problems associated with its scope especially, in respect of its limited tenure must not be left to mild the goodwill with which the elders of the party created this portfolio. The Party must urgently make the tenure the same as that of the other Constituency portfolios-alike. When this is done, the party will successfully reap the full benefits of this portfolio.

By: Comrade Kojo Gyamfi
(Branch Member, Methodist Primary School, Bremang Amanfopom)