The Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, George Krobea Asante, has appealed to members of the party not to lose hope as things will turn around sooner than later.

Appearing on Asempa 94.7 FM’s popular afternoon talk show, Ekosii Sen on Friday, November 4, 2022, he emphasized that though things are difficult and the struggles of Ghanaians are real, the government is not slumbering as it is scrambling to get the people out of these economic challenges.

“As a member of the ruling party’s communications outfit, I am privileged to be in the know of some of the cogent measures or steps the government is considering to bring in some affordable fuel to enable price reduction. When that becomes successful, prices on general goods and services will come down and thereby offer some economic relief to our people” he said.

He continued: “This initiative coupled with a possibility and anticipated decision by the President to reduce the size of government and also undertake reshuffling of some appointees will help to restore sanity and breath new hope into the system”

He assured the members of the ruling party that two years are enough to turn the economy around.

“Fellow Kukrudites, we still have over two years to the next elections and when we all decide to keep doing our best to support the party and government coupled with the right decisions by government, we will be able to change the narratives.

Dear party people, I am humbly appealing that we don’t throw our hands in despair. Our party, government and mother Ghana need us more now than ever. We have a constitutional duty to protect and defend the party and the country at all times. Let’s uphold the spirit and latter of the constitution and do as it prescribes.”

He reiterated the fact that the populace is aware that the NPP is a better party at governance than the opposition party.

“The good people of this great nation are much aware that, we in the NPP have better records in governance than the NDC in terms of social intervention policies and programs that are benefiting the vulnerable in our society as well as physical infrastructural developments.”

“What is most pressing and very important for us to do now is to at all costs, find a way to bring down the untold hardships which have been imposed on our people largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war which are adversely impacting global economies including that of the super powers or what we call the advanced economies on their knees” he stated further.

He also emphasized the need to empathize with Ghanaians as plans are being rolled out to turn things around.

“Let’s empathize with the ordinary Ghanaian with the assurance that things will get better and that they should keep supporting the President and his government just as they did during the era of Covid”

The Deputy Communications Director of the NPP had a piece of advice for the appointees of the government, imploring them to promote the good works of the government and to welcome party people with open arms when they call on them.

“To the appointees, my appeal to you is that promote the positive achievements of this government. Promote the wonderful achievements of our government. Let’s welcome party members when they visit us. These would help give them hope and the energy to work assiduously to help us survive these trying times”

“Fellow Ghanaians, let’s be optimistic about a number of good policies and programs the President will be introducing in the yet to be read 2023 budget as was promised in his Fellow Ghanaians Speech on the economy recently.”

“Fellow Ghanaians, the NPP and President Akuffo – Addo’s government is grateful to you for your support in this difficult moment” he appealed.