The High Court in Amasaman has granted an application for an interim injunction against the swearing-in of George Opare Addo as the National Youth Organizer elect of the NDC.

The lawsuit was filed by Brogya Genfi, a contestant in the just-ended National Youth Organizer election of the NDC, the TEIN President of UPSA, Ibrahim Rashid and Paul Amaldago, TEIN President for University of Ghana, Legon.

They are challenging the legality of George Opare Addo’s election on grounds of a violation of two expressed orders/decisions of the High Court and the expressed directives of the National Democratic Congress.

The Plaintiffs have thus filed a writ of summons, seeking the annulment of the just-ended National Youth Organizer election on the basis that 22 TEIN President delegates who by the expressed orders of the High Court were supposed to vote in the elections, were excluded and/or prevented from participating in the elections and that 17 persons who were not supposed to participate in the elections were rather allowed to vote.

The Plaintiffs are of the view that given the fact that the margin between the two candidates was only 25 votes, the said illegalities and infractions constituting 39 votes, significantly impacted the outcome of the elections.

Attached is the Writ of Summons filed by the Plaintiffs and the Order of Interim Injunction from the High Court, Amasaman