Late Major Maxwell Mahama

Further Cross-Examination of Bernard Asamoah, the 2nd Accused person in the case in which some 14 persons are standing trial for the murder of the late Major Maxwell Mahama has been forced into adjournment because the seven member jury panel was not properly constituted.

In court on Monday, January 23, six out of the seven member jury panel hearing the case were present with the foreman informing the court about the ill-health of the other.

Per the law, all the the seven member jurors must be present for proceedings to be conducted in a matter that a jury is needed like murder.

The jury are persons selected randomly by the accused persons to hear all that would happened in the course of the trial and return a verdict (guilty or not guilty) which would be binding on the court after the trial.

The 14 accused persons which also include William Baah, then Assembly member of Denkyira Obuasi have been charged variously for their roles leading to the lynching of the late soldier.

Bernard Asamoah, then Okada rider is facing scrutiny from lawyers of some of his colleague accused persons after he had told the court about his story in his evidence-in-chief.

He had earlier told the jury panel that even though he stoned the late military officer, the man was at the time lying face down motionless when he got to the scene.

He had also told the jury that he panicked when he was threatened by the police upon arrest.

Asamoah and 12 others have pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy to murder and murder.

While William Baah, the first accused charged with the offense of abetment has testified and closed his case after calling two witnesses.

EIB Network’s Legal Affairs Correspondent, Murtala Inusah, reports that the accused persons were all present before the matter with adjourned by Justice Mariana Owusu, a Justice of the Supreme Court sitting as an additional responsibility as a High Court judge.

Source: Inusah