Former Presidential Advisor to late President Mills, Brigadier-General(Rtd) Nunoo Mensah has revealed that President Nana Akufo-Addo rejected him when he offered himself to be appointed the Minister of Agriculture to help revamp the sector.

According to him, he was prepared to do that job as an unpaid Minister who was ready to help develop his country.

Speaking to Starr News, Brigadier-General Nunoo Mensah, a former Chief of Defence Staff stated that President Akufo-Addo turned him down because he doesn’t like people who speak their minds.

“I weep for the future of our young people if we can even get cassava to eat and China is sending us rubbish for us to eat. Why can’t we grow our own food? We are not managing the country properly. Let’s get civilians who are knowledgeable and get them on board. I went to the President to offer myself to be unpaid Minister for Agriculture about a year ago, he is my friend but he didn’t want to see me. I said don’t pay me, I get my pension so I’m okay. Give me agriculture and let me manage it properly for you. How can we be hungry as a nation, we can’t grow cassava, we can’t grow yam,” he queried.

He added: “I’ve said it on air several times, they don’t want people like me because I will speak my mind, I don’t care. You can do me nothing, I get my pension and it’s enough for me. I want to render service to my country but they don’t want that.”