The celebration of Ghana’s 66th independence day has received mixed-reactions from several nationalists, owing to the current economic woes confronting the country.

However, I think limiting the conversation to the latter only, is even an understatement. So many undone initiatives/programmes to give true meaning to this day, makes it justifiable for those who called for the suspension of this year’s observation right, in every sense of the word.

Africa remain ununited. Natural resources that the continent has comparative advantage over are still rawly or poorly marketed on the world market. Over-reliance on borrowing and foreign aid for economic development is the order of the day. Most African economies are averagely poor according to the world bank, with an upsurge in political instability, coups and civil wars.

Back home in Ghana, the first country to gain independence in sub sahara Africa, the old polo grounds where the independence was declared by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and his selfless compatriots on 6th March 1957 is still not a tourist centre/attraction. The outfit(smock/batakari) that they wore to declare the day, which was obviously done for a purpose, is not well packaged globally to symbolize blacks freedom.

We have failed to consolidate our glory in Africa which our forebears bequeathed to us on a silver platter. For 66 years of nationhood, it has been the same ritual of march pass under scorching sun by school pupils, security personnel, market women, among others on independence day.

The nation has been unable to quantify in monetary or economic terms, the benefits that has acrued to the nation for being the first to gain independence, through which other African nations drew inspiration from to attain theirs.

Like basketball being played to an American and football to a British, we showcase our culture and heritage to ourselves. We tell the same story we know or have heard for decades. It’s all about fun-fair with no commensurate benefits.

Let’s instead be a trailblazer for changing Africa’s dispeakable story.

God bless our homeland.


#BlacksFreedom Advocate

Source: Ghana/