Polling Station Executives of the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti region have stated unequivocally that the New Patriotic Party is not for sale and so the Vice President should not monetize the party.

The group which held a press conference in Kumasi today bemoaned the instances of the Vice President using money as a bait to lure MPs to accompany him into programs to create the impression that the MPs are supporting him.

The group stated that they will support a leader who is acceptable by most Ghanaians that the NPP will present and not the one who relies on money.

The group warned that MPs who will fall prey to the antics of the Vice President do so at their own peril.

The group is of the view that the Vice President did not have the kind of money he is distributing now when the NPP was in opposition and quizzes the sources of his new found wealth.

The group also warned Annoh Dompreh who is the Chief Whip to start acting as a matured politician and not to dabble in infantile politics.

The group believes a candidate who has the capacity to provide jobs and also shows a mark of honesty and integrity will likely win the hearts of Ghanaians.

Source: Inusah Bukari, Freelance Journalist-Kumasi