The Paramount Chief of Efua Ajumako in the Central Region, Okokodrufo Ogyeabo Kwamena Hammah Ababio has destooled Chief of Ajumako Kwanyako, Nana Kojo Owu for extortion and insubordination.

According to the Paramount Chief, the destooled Chief Nana Kojo Owu is disrespectful and has disgraced him using his name to extort monies from people.

He accused the destooled Chief of allegedly causing the death of a young man during the coronation of his (destooled Chief’s) queen mother which he the Paramount Chief didn’t know about.

He claimed the young boy died from internal bleeding after he was made to carry a huge Chief’s stool through the principal street of Ajumako Kwanyako.

Nana Kojo Owu was summoned before a gathering of over twenty Chiefs and reprimanded for his bad behaviour.

Although he apologized and begged profusely together with his Family Head and others while kneeling, the Paramount Chief did not accept the apology and warned him never to hold himself as the chief of Ajumako Kwanyako anymore and was driven out of the palace.

The Paramount Chief described Nana Kojo Owu as arrogant, disrespectful, and a liar who does not deserve to be a Chief anywhere in the Ajumako Traditional Area.

He alleged that the destooled Chief has boldly told his people that, he ( Ajumako Paramount Chief) has extorted an amount of GHC10,000 from him which is never true.

Okokodrufo Ogyeabo Kwamena Hammah Ababio advised the other Chiefs who were at the Chief’s Palace to learn lesson from what had happened to arrogant Chief.

He said, though he is there to forgive his Sub-chiefs when they do wrong, he cannot forgive them of every sin committed.

He later charged the Family Head of the destooled Chief to provide him with a new Chief at Ajumako Kwanyako within two weeks.

Source: Yaw Boagyan