Ghana as a country has its set of culture that are respected by its citizens. One of such unique cultures that runs through almost all the tribes is commiserating with a love one when the person is in pain.

The Former Minister for Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen on Friday the 17th of March, 2023, had the funeral of the Mother-Inlaw at Tantra Hill in Accra.

The funeral service run from 6am-7pm on the said day which afforded anybody that really wanted to take part in the program to do so.

All the necessary invitations were sent out to key personalities at the Jubilee House including the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff etc.

On the said day, the President, Vice President and the Chief of staff decided to snub Alan against all traditions and customs of the land.

There has been a long held opinion by most grassroot members of the NPP and political watchers who have been around for a long time that the hate for Mr. Kyerematen by the Presidency is unmatched in the political history of the NPP.

The decision by the President and his Vice as well as the Chief of Staff who were all available in the country and were also in Accra has further resurrected the conversation as to why the deep hate for Mr. Kyerematen by the Jubilee House.

In rather unusual manner, the former President, John Mahama who is supposed to be a political opponent of Alan in the next elections, rather abandoned everything he was doing to recognize that our customs and traditions as Ghanaians could never be compromised for anything and so attended the funeral to commiserate with Mr. Kyerematen.

It has been said more often that hate can never win. It has also been said many times that who Jah bless, no one curse.The decision by the President, the Vice President and the Chief of Staff to snub Alan in his pain shows that as a country and a political party, we are not making much progress.

Unfortunately for the establishment as I want to call them, the grassroots of the NPP and many more Ghanaians attended the colourful farewell program which ended successfully.

As I have said, the President, Vice President and the Chief of Staff were all in Ghana and in Accra.The distance between where they live and where the program took place could not have taken them 10 minutes to reach the program yet they refused.

On the contrary, former President Kufuor who is much older than the three and lives miles farther away from the funeral grounds, who has a broad heart and loves humanity and also understands our customs and traditions, took time off his busy schedule to mourn with Mr. Kyerematen.

Hate does not win but it’s love that wins.The earlier the establishment understands that there is co-operation after competition, the better it will be for all of us.

Political contest will always be there but what is important is that we always work together afterwards. If after several years the establishment has not come to terms with why Mr. Kyerematen had to contest the President, then that is their own matter to deal with.

May the soul of Akora Georgina Abena Amofi Kinsley-Nyinah rest in perfect peace.

By: Solomon Owusu

(NPP CommunicationsTeam Member)