A provincial governor in north-east Burundi has dissolved the decision of a mayor to force a female resident out of the area after others “accused her of taking their husbands”.

A letter giving the woman 24 hours to leave signed by Butihinda district mayor Gilbert Ndikumasabo made the rounds on social media.

“For such misbehaviour aimed at breaking marriages that woman must leave Butihinda district from the 7th of April 2023,” the mayor’s letter reads.

Some social media users criticised the mayor’s decision while others supported it, as infidelity and an increase in divorce are currently concerning people in Burundi.

The woman in the letter hasn’t publicly commented.

Hours after the letter was shared, Muyinga province announced on Twitter that the mayor’s decision was annulled by the governor for “not abiding by the law”.

Recently, Burundi’s first lady publicly condemned infidelity and targeted single women for breaking up marriages.

Source: BBC