Hon. Ken Agyapong

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, over the years, has been one person who speaks his mind about issues without mincing words.

He, for instance, on different platforms, has described his wife as corrupt, Ghanaians as dumb and NPP people as fools and even said he regrets joining such party of fools. That is the extent he is able to speak his mind.

As a result, some people say he is one person in the country who speaks the truth all the time. If we go by what people say about his truthfulness, then it does mean indeed his wife is corrupt, Ghanaians are dumb and NPP people are fools, just to mention a few.

Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, during his campaign tour in Greater Accra, largely campaigned on his achievements relative to the things he has done for the party, some individuals and institutions, even though some of the things he says he has done aren’t verifiable. That notwithstanding, he is known to have done a lot to support the party.

However, as to whether Ghanaians will vote for someone to become the President of the country by virtue of what the person has done for his party, without considering other important leadership factors, I can’t tell. But at least we can all hazard a guess. Or perhaps because Ghanaians are dumb, as he has publicly said, they would vote for any candidate the NPP would present. I’m only thinking aloud.

But, there is one thing that intrigues me about his gospel of “My achievements for the party” as I followed him. He doesn’t talk much about what the party has done for him in terms of contracts and the platform the party has created for him for business connections, much as he talks about what he has done for the party.

As truthful as he is (at least we know that is how he describes himself), I humbly wish to challenge the Assin Central lawmaker to also list all the contracts he has received from the party (The type of contract and amount of money involved) during Kufuor’s era and Nana Addo’s era.

I am asking for this to be done because the party people want to know and, if he is able to do that, it will skyrocket him as the man of truth and principle he describes himself to be, and also the party people will know whether he has done more for the party than the party has done for him or vice versa. I believe Hon. Ken shouldn’t be selective with his truthfulness. He should show us the full balance sheet.

There are party people at the various levels of the party who really love the party and kill themselves for the party during every election, but they haven’t been able to buy even broom or cutlass for the party that they can also boast or be proud of.

Do you know why? Because unlike the likes of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong who got all the hundreds of million dollars contracts, they haven’t even received one gutter-cleaning contract since their party came to power even though it through their sweat and toil that the party won power.

It is not only those who buy pickups deserve contracts. Those who risk their lives to sit in those pickups to campaign also deserve contracts. If those at the top really want to help the poor grassroots folks, they should put in place schemes and programs to help to establish them financially.

Every now and then, those who have received hundreds of millions of dollars of governments contracts go to them and proudly tell them what they have done for party, forgetting that it is through the sweat and toil of those poor people that the party was able to win power for those people to have huge contracts.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, you have done well and I salute you for that, but to whom much is given, much is expected. Is it not the case that you have done so much because you were given much?

Please Honourable, I’m humbly waiting for the list of all the contracts you and your wife have received from the party as well, so we can judge for ourselves the real value of your contribution. Other than that, I suggest you focus your campaign message on your vision for the party and the country. Thank you.

Vida Akua Anim.
NPP sympathizer and freelance Journalist, Greater Accra.