Residents of Akim Oda Kubease in the Eastern Region are living in fear as a public toilet serving the community has now become a death trap endangering their lives.

The poorly maintained toilet facility which was built during the Kufuor regime as part of the HIPC benefit is currently in a terrible state as the structure looks very weak with some of its parts loosely hanging and in a near collapsed state.

A concerned resident of Kade Kubease, Kwaku Nsafoa in an interview disclosed that the toilet facility which has been managed by an Assembly member for 11 years, currently has portion its floor collapsed exposing the fecal matter which is full to the brim.

According to him, when he wrote a letter to the Municipal Assembly over the state of the toilet facility, he was informed that the assembly member who managed the facility for the past 11 years has not accounted for even a pesewa of the proceeds generated to the District Assembly.

“Recently when I questioned the Assembly member over the state of the toilet facility, he told me the facility was abandoned for so many years and that he had to spend his own money to put it back in proper condition for use. He added that he’s yet to recoup the GHC4,000 he spent on rehabilitating the facility,” Kwaku Nsafoa stated.

He noted, that despite the dangerous state of the facility, it is still being operationalized with patrons having to pay GHC1.00 to use it.

Kwaku Nsafor who further lamented how the toilet is breeding sickness among the residents, consequently urged the Assembly to immediately take action to prevent the facility from collapsing and killing innocent residents.