Justice delivery in the country has grinded to a halt as the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana, (JUSAG), declares indefinite strike over government failure to address grievances concerning their salaries.

JUSAG earlier this month threatened to lay down their tools if their new salary scheme approved by the judicial council and the arrears are not approved by the government.

They have accused the National Labour Commission of bias following an earlier summons for the parties to resolve the matter but the situation was unresolved.

Declaring the strike at a short ceremony at the auditorium of Law Court of Complex, president of JUSAG, Mr Samuel Afotey Otu, flanked by his executives said, they have “suffered enough” and asked all staff of JUSAG to stay at home until further notice.

“It will interest you to know that the Judiciary, apart from its core mandate of resolving disputes, interpreting and enforcing the laws of Ghana, also generates substantial revenues for the state.

“For the past 10years, we have generated over Ghs 2.00 billion in revenue through fees, fines, etc. to the state. Unfortunately, our basic demands are yet to be met,” Mr Samuel Otu Afotey stated.

“The current salaries review we are pushing for the President to approve and pay us does not affect only administrative staff of the service, Directors are part, District Court Magistrates are part, and the Circuit Court Judges are part. All these people serving the third arm of government have been subjected to this mistreatment by the Government,” Mr Afotey Otu stated.

“We have suffered enough. We can no longer bear it. An empty sack cannot stand up right. The National Executive Council of JUSAG, upon consultations with the Judicial Service Ladies Association of Ghana (JUSAG), Senior Staff Association (SSAJUG), Driver Association, Finance Staff Association, and al stakeholders who matter, hereby declare an indefinite strike,” JUSAG declares.

He said, “by this declaration of strike, all staff of the service are immediately directed not to report to work from today onwards unless and until the President of Ghana complies with Article 149 of the Constitution by approving and paying our new salaries with all the arrears from January to date.

Affected persons

All staff are also to note the following*

a. The Security Men and women are to stay at post, but make sure that all entrances to the Courts and other offices are locked to prevent entry into the Courts or any premises of the service.

b. All drivers are directed to hand over the official vehicles in their custody to
the transport department. No driver shall drive any office vehicle or any officer or any judge during the period of the strike.

C. No Court Registrar should open or be compelled to open any registry or Court for use during the period of the strike.

d. Regional Executive Board and Committee members of JUSAG are to be on
the lookout to ensure compliance.

e. If any staff of the service receives any threat from any Management member to report to work or perform any officialduty during thestrike shall decline same and reportthe matter to JUSAG.

f. Let no one in Government or Management unlawfully coerce any staff or intimidate staff during the strike. If any member is inflicted with any injustice ni this course, we shall deem ti as al members have been inflicted. Consequently, we shall respond in equal proportion.

The leadership of the Association of Judges and Magistrates are hereby implored
to join the strike since majority of their members (i.e. the Circuit Judges and Magistrates) are also affected by the injustice and suffering we are undergoing.

JUSAG wish to thank staff once again for their hardwork, dedication, sacrifices and patience. Let’s go home and return whenour demands are met.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com/Murtala Inusah