The Assembly member for Binchara Tanga Electoral area in the Nanumba North District (Bimbilla) reasons that he will prefer Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen over any other candidate in this NPP Flagbearer elections.

In a viral video for which the Hon member was hosted by Sagani TV; he made well informed arguments on why Ghana must not be taken for a ride.

Hon. Nelson K said it will do the party a lot of good to prioritize the 2024 general elections over just getting the party a Flagbearer. To him; some candidates aspiring to lead the party can only be a Flagbearer and not president.

He stated that any person seeking to lead Ghana must have a clear cut message like Hon Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s GTP.

The Honorable member also slammed those saying standing in the court to defend the party is why certain individuals must be rewarded with the seat of the president.

He added that; the likes of Lawyer Philip Addison the man who coached others on what to say and what not to say and was denied becoming parliamentary aspirant should rather be made the Flagbearer judging from what the Veeps team is positing.

The one time contestant for Organizing position of NPP constituency in Bimbilla in the just ended constituency elections also referred to the Vice President as the candidate that is being compelled by some known forces to represent their interest on the seat of the Presidency.

Hon. Nelson K, said that is why up to date, certain candidates are yet to give ‘us a clear cut message until the system gives them a message; they won’t have one”

He added that; Ghana can only be a better place if individuals who aspire to lead it stick to a convincing clear cut policy rather than slogans.

Hon Nelson Yaw Jato Kamalbe of Binchara Tanga Electoral area in the Nanumba North District (Bimbilla) called on the delegates to consider a candidate that is capable of winning NPP 2024 elections, one that will also be grateful for being given the room to serve, a person that has a clear cut personal vision and finally a person who has demonstrated commitment to fulfilling a single dream of seeing Ghanaian Youth earn reputable income through mass Job creation.That person according to him is Alan Kyerematen.

Source: Communication Bureau of Konkomba Youth For Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen