The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) has bemoaned low representation of women in Parliament, Local Government and in the Security Agencies.

According to FOSDA, after the Beijing conference there has been significant progress made but it’s still not enough considering women population.

The Executive Director for FOSDA, Theodora Williams Anti disclosed this while speaking on Women’s Voices programme on GTV on the topic ‘More Inclusive and Peaceful Society for Women and Girls”.

“Some in rolls have been made, we have made significant rolls but it is still not enough and significantly inadequate. When are looking at Parliament. We (women) are over 50 percent in terms of population but look at Parliament and our representation we are just about 5 percent of us represented in Parliament.

“Looking at the local government level it’s even worse we have less than five percent women representation in the local government. When you look at the security forces which are very important to us and you look at women participation you will see that it is far less,” madam Anti stated.

She continued: “So I must confess that a lot has been done and we are doing a lot especially in Ghana but the numbers and representation is still not what we are looking for. There is so much more that we can do.”

Madam Anti mentioned the Monitoring and Implementation of the Second Ghana National Action Plan (GHANAP II) on UNSCR 1325 funded by the Women’s Voices and Leadership- Ghana project under Plan Ghana which is to help give women a bigger voice in society.

“Yes we are making some in rolls to that but there is so much to do,” the Executive Director for FOSDA indicated.

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