Former President John Mahama has said Ghanaians wants to be rescued from President Akufo-Addo’s reckless government.

According to him, Ghanaians are ready to work with a National Democratic Congress (NDC) government in order to build a better nation.

Addressing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) European Chapters Conference at Amsterdam, Holland Mr. Mahama indicated that compatriots in Ghana have yet again given him the opportunity to lead the NDC during the party’s Presidential primaries .

“That exercise has contributed to re-invigorating our executives and members at the grassroots. It allowed us to take our message to them and the people in their constituencies, reminding them that the National Democratic Congress remains the political party to trust when it comes to the total development and welfare of the citizens of Ghana.

“It is, therefore, our duty to rededicate ourselves to work with absolute commitment in our branches to secure the maximum votes to guarantee an emphatic victory in 2024. I want to repeat that we must go to the polls on December 07, 2024, with our referee. That referee will be our DILIGENCE, PREPAREDNESS and WINNING the election EMPHATICALLY. Our 2020 election comeback, raising the number of our seats from 106 to 137 and increasing our votes by almost 1.4 million, resulted from the dedication and hard work of all of us and the upport of the people of Ghana,” Mr. Mahama stated.

The former President indicated that Ghanaians have seen the difference and believe in the NDC’s message, which in 2020 was conveyed in the People’s Manifesto.

“Comrades, we did not become the majority party in Parliament. We were also not declared winners of the 2020 presidential elections because we left some loose ends untied in a bizarre election amidst the COVID restrictions and the economic meltdown. That is why in 2024, our win must be emphatic.

“As leader and flagbearer, I offer my firm PLEDGE and assurance. I will work with the party’s leadership, represented here by the General Secretary, to build a formidable team and deploy strategies and mechanisms to ensure that we protect the votes of the teeming mass of Ghanaians. These Ghanaians are yearning to be freed from the shackles of poverty and hardship inflicted by the reckless Akufo Addo and Bawumia administrations. Most Ghanaians are ready to work with us to build the Ghana we all want together.”

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