An alleged witch has been captured at Gomoa Mampong in the Gomoa Gomoa East District of the Central Region.

According to information gathered by Kasapa News, Yaw Boagyan at about 1:00am Monday, July 17, 2023, an alleged witch bed fell from an uncompleted building and turned into a female human being during a prayer session by one prophetess Mary Esther, Head Pastor for Deeper church international Gomoa Mampong branch.

Sources further revealed that after interrogation, the alleged witch confessed she is from new Winneba, and she was given 50gh to kill one brother Kwasi at Gomoa Mampong, but she failed to operate due to the prayers by the prophetess.

The case has been reported to the Gomoa Okyereko police for further interrogation.

An eyewitness who saw the alleged bird turning into human being said, he was standing in front of the Church building during prayers when he saw two black birds passing by, but they both suddenly hit by the prayers and fell down. One immediately turned into a woman while the other one flew away leaving her on the ground.

According to the residents, they don’t know the suspect in the area, and they believe she was sent to come and kill someone in the Community.

The Prophetess, Mary Easther who was leading the prayers also claimed she saw these two black birds in the spiritual world being sent to kill someone in the Community, but she intensified the prayers when she saw the birds coming from Winneba which over powered them.

The Chief of Gomoa Mampong, Nana Yaw Obuabeng Tawiah XVI expressed shocked about the incident, adding that Nananom will perform rituals where the incident happened after which she will be sent to the forest.

The case has been also reported to the Police for investigation.

Source: Boagyan