Atlanta-based Ghanaian ace gospel act and head pastor of Rockhill Church in Atlanta, Dr Sonnie Badu has been spotted anointing Ghanaian blogger Ronnie’s head with oil.

The anointing was accompanied by a prophetic blessing, with Dr Sonnie Badu encouraging his congregation to patronize Ronnie’s line of work.

The event took place at Rockhill Chapel in Atlanta during the church’s ‘Tuesday Night of Deliverance’ service. Ronnie expressed his gratitude on social media, “Thank You for the Prophecy Papa @sonniebaduuk ._I’m fulfilled!!”

Dr Sonnie Badu acknowledged the encounter in his post,“@ronnieiseverywhere_official son it was good seeing you..”

Ronnie is a Ghanaian social media influencer and blogger who helped to transform the way content is created, shared, and consumed, as well as how brands interact with consumers. His impact on marketing, culture, and society at large continues to evolve as social media platforms and audience preferences change.