The name Fadi is supposed to mean redeemer or savior in the Arabic world and so when someone by name Fadi writes, ordinary, it is supposed to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately for us, if one reads a piece that has been written by this so called savior or redeemer, then one wonders whether the name was mistakenly given to him or it was stolen when he grew up or a combination of the two.

First of all, in his bid to malign Mr. Kyerematen, he missed-step, by getten the spelling of the name name Kyerematen wrong. So Fadi this is on a lighter note. Getting someone’s name spelling right is very very important. It is Kyerematen and not Kyeremanten.

I have seen that you have tried very very hard to reduce the importance of the next leader of the NPP in the equation of the history of the party. I do not blame you because as a Lebanese Ghanaian, you were not fully involved in NPP matters until the party became so cheap that attracted all manner of distructive characters like you.

Your assertion that Mr. Kyerematen always looked for the least opportunity to rip through the knit and fabric of the NPP’s tightly woven canopy whenever the tides turned against him, could best be described as ignorance at the highest order. You may not know because you were not fully involved in NPP matters but I will do you a favor by referring you to early days of the history of this party when men were in short supply. He together with a few young men and women formed the Young Executive Forum. For your information the YEF was the single most important organ in the party that was providing it with a lifeline. Contributions for the running of the party and for the support of the Presidential candidate including purchase of a party office was done through this organ. That was not an opportunity to rip through the knit and fabric of NPP’S tightly woven canopy, but it was a call to duty. It was a sacrifice that none of the people you mentioned in your garbage took. In fact your adored candidate, the Vice President then was not even a member of the party to had thought of embarking on such a sacrifice.

The second issue that gives you out and makes mockery of the name Fadi, which is supposed to mean Redeemer or Savior is the assertion that Mr. Kyerematen did not participate in the 2012 electioneering campaign. I am sure Nana Akufo Addo, the then candidate of the party will not in all sincerity be happy with you. It is the candidate then who could openly be bold and declare that Mr. Kyerematen never took part in his campaign. I would wish the President now who was then the candidate will do your camp a favour by educating you on the contribution of Mr. Kyerematen in the 2012 campaign. In fact he campaigned more than anyone in the NPP so Mr. Redeemer or Savior who has made nonsense of the name listen and listen good for after Covid, the world does not entertain your unseriousness.

The claim that he conducted the worst form of derogatory campaign in 2014 also gives you out because then again no evidence is provided which is very usual of you. Mr. Kyerematen in the history of this party is the only person that conducts civilized campaign though robust. You can say he lost but there are only two outcomes in an election. You either win or lose and so losing is not a shameful act. President Akufo Addo himself lost a lot of elections before becoming the President both within and outside the NPP. Find a better jab for this is as infantile as anything.

The most dangerous paragraph of your write up is where you make the point that Mr. Kyerematen called Nana Akuffo Addo to throw in the towel and you sought to create the impression that Nana Akuffo Addo, the then candidate placed the phone on loud speaker for you to listen in to the conversation to know whatever he said to him. Let’s even assume Nana Addo did that, must you expose the President in this manner? That he decided to put his phone on loud speaker for a call that was not meant for you Fadi to listen in, to now refer Mr.Kyerematen to it? I know you are lying but you are not good at lying and so in your bid to lie, you rather dragged the President into your buffoonery. Learn to be smart not to expose adults.

The 1D1F you tried very hard to discredit Mr.Kyerematen as not having anything to do with it is the laughable piece of the century. First of all the NPP’S policy on trade in our manifesto was largely written by Mr.Kyerematen. In fact the 1D1F is his baby. You may have to address your mind to why on countless occasions, the President has had to praise Mr.Kyerematen for his good works with the 1D1F. You can try very hard to take it from him but hey there is already a determination of the matter in the eyes of the public as to who is the real person behind the 1D1F. In fact the answer to this question will never elude a class one child in any exams in Ghana. The school pupils sing with it and mentions the name of Mr. Kyerematen as the symbol of 1D1F. I know why you are worried with him taking the credit because your candidate the Vice President has no tangible achievement to fall on.I know your research team has told you that the 1D1F alone puts Mr.Kyerematen miles ahead of your candidate. But did I hear you insinuate that Mr.Kyerematen is corrupt? I think at this stage you need a third shot of the Covid vaccine.The only politician in this country with unblemished character is Mr. Kyerematen and I dare you to expose any single corrupt act you know about him and I Solomon Owusu will be here to expose you.1D1F remains the baby of Mr. Kyerematen and it was that policy that saved the party in 2020 to recapture power. Mr. Kyerematen does not have any problem with you crediting the President with it because he is the President. He does not have any problem with your candidate taking credit for it as he has done on several occasions though he had no clue about its implementation but to say he is trying very hard to take credit for it makes your whole write up a joke and am not sure Ghanaians are interested in jokes at this stage.

The kitchen I know is becoming too hot for feeble hearts like you to withstand and so playing the victim role seem to be the new strategy of team Bawumia. Let me assure you Fadi Dabbousi and your likes that brace up for the game will be moved a notch higher in the coming days. Your assertion that he was the only man standing could only sound right in your ears.Your candidate came to meet this party in power in 2008 when he joined it.He graciously took us to opposition and maintained us there in 2012. Alan that you want to create a devil out of toured the entire country with President Akuffo Addo in 2016 and ensured his electoral victory. It was not a surprise therefore that in Kwesimintim, the then candidate Nana Akuffo Addo,took time to praise Mr. Kyerematen for being the only NPP member that had campaigned for him more than anyone.It was not surprising though that he named him as a minister ahead of anyone. The attack on Yaw Buaben Asamoah is needless and even exposes your camp the more. Whereas Buaben was struggling for resources, his NDC opponent had it in abundance though he was in opposition. We are happy you as a so called NPP man is happy Buaben lost to the Vice President’s In-Law who is not with the NPP. Let me say that for the In-Law of the Vice President to still be with the NDC clearly shows that the Vice President has never been convincing. If you cannot convince your own brother-in-law to join the NPP, then whose son or daughter can he convince and it makes the point that in an unlikely event he wins the primaries, NPP will be straight to opposition. By the way he is at the 10th position and opposition is a ten letter word.

You claim Yaw Buaben lost because he was incompetent, forgetting that the same Yaw Buaben Asamoah that you claim is incompetent communicated for the Party to still be in power. Forgetting that the Adenta seat was in the hands of the ndc when Buaben snatched it from them. I have also seen that you tried very hard to introduce the Chief of Staff into the equation.I will be silent on her because she is a woman and if for nothing at all,men came from the womb of a woman so let’s keep it at the boys boys level except to say that in your attempt to make a meaningful statement,do well not to introduce people that may be innocent.The Chief of Staff will be responded to when she causes Alan to be attacked in equal and above measure. For now am not too sure you have her blessing to introduce her into your jaundiced lyrical wax. An anomaly has been identified with the Chief of Staff’s name in the Special Delegates list and the Election Committee of the Party has their destiny in their hands. They know the right thing to do and so will not bother too much about it.

To conclude, I would like to assure Fadi and anyone within the camp of the Vice President that only last Thursday, the President made a bold declaration that he did not support the Vice President. Some of us have said that he supports the Vice President. This your write up once again gives out the President that he indeed supports the Vice President, something some of us welcome because his support or otherwise for the Vice President will not change the victory of Alan that is coming.If it took Sarah more than 99years to have a baby,then definitely Alan’s time to have a baby will be on the 4th of November, 2023. For your information,Alan’s delegates conference in the Ashanti region starts today the 7th of August, 2023 and ends on the 12th of August, 2023. I know you follow his campaigns live so go grab your data and follow it religiously to listen to the good news. The delegates are waiting to hear the promise of they being paid and not your empty rants that hardly puts anything on anybody’s table. I am on campaign but the mind and eyes are wide open to attend to any of your future issues.

The writer is a member of the Communications Team of the NPP