A member of the opposition NDC party in the Kumawu constituency, by name Akua Afriyie who in a viral video said she will vote for Alan Kyerematen should the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) present him as Presidential candidate during the 2024 election says she’s been sacked from the NDC party.

She stated then that Alan had a vision that could save this country and give the teeming youth hope. She became the talk of town in political circles and the NDC did not take kindly to her pronouncement.

In an interview at Besoro near Kumawu, she said the NDC a day after her declaration for Alan, gave her a sacking letter.

According to her, she is currently not a member of the NDC and neither a member of the NPP but a strong supporter of Mr. Kyerematen and if the NPP was to deny Mr. Kyerematen the opportunity to lead them, she Akua will just stay out of the 2024 elections.

Akua Afriyie is amongst the huge number of voters with the NDC, whose love for Mr. Kyerematen is beyond partisan politics and makes the case of the NPP winning election 2024 with Alan, a reality.

Meanwhile the constituency delegates Durbar for the Kumawu, Afram Plains and Effiduase Asokore constituencies was massively attended with delegates vowing that it will not happen this time around that Alan will not win.

The delegates with one voice assured Ghanaians that if they did not know that it rained while they were asleep, at least in the morning, they saw the ground wet.

They were of the view that this is Alan’s time and that only those that are greedy will think otherwise.

Samuel Aduse Poku, Besoro near Kumawu.