A seventeen-years-old tricycle (Aboboyaa) rider at Wassa Adesu in the Wassa Amenfi East District of the Western Region known as Nana, has been caught having sex with a heavily pregnant dog.

The teenager is said to have taken the dog known as “Onipa Nny3”, (Human being is bad) to their bathroom which is located outside of the house and had sex with it while gagging the animal with his hand to prevent it from making noise to expose his abominable act.

But luck eluded him when as he kept on penetrating the dog, the animal started screaming supposedly out of pain which drew the attention of a passerby.

As the dog kept on making the unusual noise, the passerby got curious and hence headed for the bathroom to find out what was happening.

To his surprise, he saw the boy busily making love to the innocent dog and out of shock the eyewitness is said to have shouted which attracted other residents.

It is reported that the boy vehemently denied having sex with the animal. While some believed him, others insisted he slept with the pregnant dog.

So, to establish the truth, both the boy and dog were taken to Wassa Akropong Government Hospital and the Doctor on duty run some examination and it was found out that some fluids from the dog was on the boy. This confirmed that he actually had sex with the dog.

According to the owner of the dog who is the landlord of the boy, since the latter came to stay in the house, anytime the dog gets pregnant, it experiences miscarriage indicating that the boy might have been having sex with the dog for a long time.

The residents who were utterly shocked by the boy’s behavior, have called for a scan to be done on the dog to establish if it is carrying a human being or puppies.

The boy is not known to have any metal problem.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com/102.5FM