A member of the Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia campaign team in the Ashanti Region, Rashid Inusah is urging members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) claiming to support his vision to also back him with resources not just lip service.

Speaking on Asanteman FM in Kumasi during the Bawumia hour show, the NPP man who has deep roots in the party as his father is a staunch NPP follower noted that just as there is a commitment to push Dr. Bawumia to be flagbearer of the party and President, it must be done with resources as well.

Mr. Rashid Inusah believes there is still much work to be done before the 26th of August super delegates elections.

“I think supporting Dr. Bawumia with just your lip service is not enough, there is still work to be done for the victory. Some people profess to support Bawumia when they see him in person but turn their backs on him in his absence.”

“It happened here in Kumasi when he came over and when he left, some people who said they supported him made a U-turn and declared their support for others” he noted.

“If you say you support Bawumia do so with your resources too, do not support him because you think you will benefit from him. The lips support is not enough”

Rashid Inusah noted that his love to push Dr. Bawumia agenda is because the vice president is competent and has shown he can bring positivity to the Npp and Ghana.

“When some of us are supporting the vice president, we are doing so because we believe in him not that someone will give us something. I have a stake in the NPP and not just because my father is a good standing member of the party. I use my resources to support Dr. Bawumia’s hour on Asanteman FM and not seeking any favours”

The Vice President Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia campaign team have just also launched a digital and online portal to push his agenda and communicate his vision to the good people of Ghana.

In a bid to enhance their campaign efforts, Team Bawumia launched a Website, Mobile App, and USSD digital platform to connect with supporters and stakeholders.

The team is utilizing technology to ensure wider reach and engagement ahead of the upcoming elections.

The highlight of their digital campaign is the introduction of a unique dialing code, *202#, a website (www.bawumia.com), and USSD which allow supporters to contribute their quota to the Bawumia Campaign and also interact and follow his campaign keenly.