The Concerned Drivers Association has issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Roads and Highways to remove all toll booths in the country within a week or face legal action.

Speaking to Akua Oteng Amponsah on Kasapa FM, Nana Owiredu, the Deputy Secretary of the Association, stated that the high number of accidents occurring at toll booth sites was a cause for concern.

In addition, the presence of these unused toll booths is causing severe traffic congestion in areas such as Kasoa, leaving drivers and passengers stranded for hours.

According to the Association, despite appeals to the government to remove or resume toll taxing, its efforts have been unsuccessful.

Nana Owiredu emphasized that the safety of citizens should be a top priority for the government, and the removal of toll booths should be an immediate action.

He served notice that if the government fails to comply with the association’s demands, legal action will be taken against the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

Mr. Owiredu suggested that the government either resumes toll taxing to generate revenue or remove the toll booths altogether.

He stressed that the loss of lives at toll booth sites was unacceptable, and the government must take action to address this issue.

Source: Oteng Amponsah