Private Legal Practitioner, Nana Yaw Osei has called out President Nana Akufo Addo as he describes persons chastising John Mahama for his comments on the Judiciary of being hypocrites.

In an interview with Milli Grace Safo Adu, the host of Bresosem at Abusua FM,  the lawyer stated that it is a known fact that both past and present Presidents appoint judges from their political parties.

“You’re a hypocrite if you criticized Mahama for his judiciary comment. A Supreme Court Judge was a parliamentary candidate, nobody can dispute that, and he’s not the first person to be a party member appointed as a judge,” the lawyer lashed out

“Since the start of the 4th Republic on January 7, 1993, if you traced the appointments that has come to the superior courts, you will find their political affiliations”.

He further expressed disappointment in President Akufo-Addo accusing him of being economical with the truth and playing on the ignorance of Ghanaians, in his response to former President Mahama at the BAR Conference.

“The President should have been aware that Mahama’s statement is not surprising, considering that he himself is engaging in similar practices. It is important that we speak truth to power. Can President Akufo-Addo honestly say that he has not appointed lawyers affiliated with the NPP as judges? The President is taking advantage of the ignorance of the people, including the educated”.


Former President John Mahama, speaking at the closing ceremony of the 3rd Annual Lawyers Conference of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on September 2, claimed that the judiciary is packed with NPP-inclined judges due to a deliberate policy of the current government to appoint their own people to the bench.

He further emphasized that this alleged court-packing is aimed at avoiding accountability after leaving office.

President Akufo Addo responded to Mahama’s comments, stating that they were very dangerous to the progress of the country and should not be made by someone of Mahama’s stature.

Furthermore, the President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), Yaw Boafo Esq, condemned Mahama’s remarks, describing them as unfortunate and warranting condemnation.

By: Kwadwo Owusu