An electrician known as Yaw Adade, commonly referred to as Odenkey in Denkyira Ayanfuri in the Central Region has been slapped with a fine for having sex with a friend’s wife and her 13 year-old-daughter.

He is to pay a sum of GH¢5,000, four goats and schnapps for his reprehensible conduct.

The revelation came when a friend of the woman decided to expose the affairs to her husband, prompting community elders to step in to resolve the matter through traditional rituals and fines.

The suspect, an electrician by profession, shared a close bond with his miner friend, Agya Owusu.

Information gathered revealed that, Agya Owusu sent his wife and children to the suspect care while he was away at work, considering him a trusted and confidant friend.

However, his trust turned to betrayal when it was revealed that Odenkey had engaged in sexual activities within the family.

She added that Odenkey’s simultaneous involvement with Agya Owusu’s wife and their 13-year-old daughter came to light when the daughter discovered her mother’s affair with Odenkey and reported it to her friend.

Realizing the gravity of the action, the young girl chose to end her relationship with Odenkey, recognizing the taboo nature of their affair.

However, the affair between Odenkey and Agya Owusu’s wife continued until the woman’s friend decided to inform Agya Owusu, who then brought the matter before the community’s elders.

In response, the elders ruled Odenkey’s actions a severe violation of traditional values and norms and to appease local deities and cleanse the spirits of those involved, they imposed the said fine on him.

The suspect was then dragged before the Chiefs at the Palace on Sunday September 17 2023 which he confirmed the act.

He was then ask to bring all the item for them to perform the rituals.

Meanwhile, the Victim’s husband has called for divorce.