The Ghana Union of traders Association (GUTA) has called on traders nationwide to resist closure of their shops by the GRA over non-VAT compliance.

Speaking at a press conference today, Wednesday, September 20,2023 in Accra, the president for GUTA Dr. Joseph Obeng disclosed that the harassment, impunity and intimidation of traders by the customs division of the GRA has crossed its boundaries and are no longer going to be entertained.

Importers across the country are compelled to pay taxes including VAT at the ports and will be chased again at their shops to pay additional vat taxes by customers.

According to him, “GUTA has no problem if GRA does it’s due diligence at the port and collect the necessary tax due it before the cargos are released”.

Aside the intimidation, traders are being frustrated overtime as GRA sends invigilators to sit at shops and monitor sales.

He added that traders in other African and European countries are given better trade conditions which has improved their businesses compared to what traders are receiving here in Ghana.

GUTA says it will team up with other trade groups to resist oppression from the GRA and if any member reports of intimidation, the group will match the GRA boot for boot stand.

Mr. Obeng relayed that GRA exists because of them and so must tread cautiously.

“What the GRA must also know is that it is the business community that constitutes the economy without which there will be no economy. With or without GRA, businesses will continue to exist, but GRA cannot exist without the business community. Therefore, they must see the need to work with us as partners in national development but not to behave in this manner in their quest for meeting the revenue target set for them by the government by collapsing businesses and eventually collapsing the economy, which we, as business operators won’t allow because we are equal stake holders as far as corporate Ghana is concerned” He added.

Source: Oteng Amponsah