Renowned health insurance company, Equity Health Insurance, has extended its support to the Redbridge School of Healthcare Management, a Nigerian-based company, hosting a comprehensive study tour.

Redbridge School of Healthcare Management as part of the study tour, presented fifteen (15) senior staff of NNPC HMO Ltd, a health insurance company operating in Nigeria, to engage and interact with the health insurance industry in Ghana.

According to the CEO of Equity Health Insurance, Elton Fedrick Afari, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in healthcare management, fostering a deeper understanding of the industry and its challenges.

Equity Health Insurance, known for its dedication to promoting accessible and high-quality healthcare services, saw this partnership as an opportunity to contribute to the development of the next generation of healthcare leaders. “We recognized the importance of a well-trained workforce in addressing the evolving challenges of the healthcare industry.”

Speaking about the study tour, he said, “aside enhancing the team’s ‘ knowledge about health insurance policies, claims processing, and the financial aspects of healthcare management, topped with understanding the importance of quality control, patient safety, and compliance with healthcare regulations in Ghana, the tour provided them with valuable networking opportunities.”

The tour had participants visit Equity Health Insurance’s facilities, interact with healthcare professionals, and engage in practical exercises and access to firsthand successes, challenges and best practice to grow health insurance market

With six key pillars of Respect, Integrity, Speed, Empathy, Innovation and Teamwork, Equity offers product options that are tailor-made for all categories of businesses (big and small corporations) and all levels of employees including individual and family packages.

Equity works with accredited Health Service Providers (HSPs) which span the entire country, who understand the language of comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Equity Health Insurance offers a wide range of products to suit client’s needs and budgets. All four products have been designed to offer comprehensive medical care to members, which includes but is not limited to hospital consultations, surgeries, dental care, maternity, prescribed drugs and optical care. Clients enjoy competitive packages that cover 99% of medical conditions including in-patient and out-patient services.

Started in 2017 as Equity TPA Limited, Equity Health Insurance is a limited liability company which operates for the benefit of its members as a Private Health Administrator.

The company is indigenously owned. It received regulatory approval in 2020. The organisation’s ultimate goal is to provide world-class and top-of-the-edge customer service to its clientele while ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable for all Ghanaians.