Senior Media Practitioner and Host of Abusua Nkommo on Abusua FM, Kojo Marfo has lashed out at the National Peace Council for condemning the OccupyJulorbi demonstrators and referring to their actions as lawless.

In an interview with Milli Grace Safo Adu, the host of Bresosem at Abusua FM, the broadcast journalist expressed his discontent with the Peace Council, stating that “if they don’t have any work to do, they shouldn’t bother the rest of us”.

He added that if the council understood their work well and knew why they were occupying the office, they would not wait for what is happening to happen before condemning the protestors.

The Ace Journalist further stressed that if the Peace Council believed that “the events of the first day of #OccupyJulorbiDemonstration could lead to disturbances in the country, then the council is useless”.

He also argued that if the council thinks that peaceful protests that result in police arrests and molestation could lead to a coup, then they do not know what is happening.

Marfo criticized the Peace Council

Marfo criticized the Peace Council for not seeing anything wrong in the country or demonstrating any displeasure with happenings in Ghana but was rather preoccupied with drawing the rod at the instance of a citizen’s demonstration.

“Instead of engaging the government on the various issues affecting the populace, with the aim of implementing proactive measures to alleviate pressure and foster peace, the council is only criticizing the protestors,” he opined.

He advised that the council considered such thoughts to help the government to do whatever they could to ensure that the populace lived comfortably.

The media practitioner further cautioned leaders not to be deluded that they could continue sleeping peacefully when they only followed parochial interests that benefitted themselves alone.

He contended, “If we live in a country where people only think about themselves, they should be mindful that they won’t be able to sleep.”

Condemning the arrests and police highhandedness that occasioned Thursday’s demonstration, Mr. Kojo Marfo insisted that the police were disoriented about the real people to arrest in the country.

“if you understand the meaning of what the protestors named their demonstration, it suggests that the police agree with the protestors that there is a thief who needs to be arrested, but they have failed to do so,” he stated sarcastically.

“The police are probably indicted by the caption of the demonstration. They’re ashamed because of the things they’ve seen and failed to take action on, some members of the public have seen it and want the world to see that we’re not working, so we need to stop them”, he stressed.

By: Kwadwo Owusu