Celebrated Gospel musician, Selina Boateng has said currently a musician has to have a strong presence on social media to make his or her songs popular and be bought.

Speaking to Accra FM mid-morning show sit-in-host, Akua Sonto, she said musicians these days have to be very influential, especially on social media to push their songs.

The Alpha & Omega hitmaker said the former way of promoting and selling songs were a bit simple than this dispensation where everything is becoming digital.

“Currently, everything is digital and so one will have to go on social media for stuffs. So, for some of us who are not loud, this is to our disadvantage. But previously, whether you are loud or not, patrons know where to get our songs to buy. One will just walk to a CD shop and say I need Selina Boateng’s latest song on the market to buy and it’s sold to him or her and that was easy for us. But this time, the musician will have to go for a media interview and ask his or her fans to go to Boomplay and stream the music. So, the process has now become very long.”

However, the award-winning musician acknowledged that there are some positives in this mode of promoting songs and she will leverage on that.