Victims affected by Volta River flood disaster in Upper Manya Krobo in Eastern region are lamenting over what they describe as neglect by the state.

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in the district reported that over 1,000 individuals were affected in the floods which occured in October,2023.

The victims in the Upper Manya Krobo district have been grappling with the aftermath of the floods for over a month without any aide support from either the state or any organization, leaving them in server distress .

One of the hardest-hit areas is Akateng, a vibrant fishing community in the district.

Many homes in this community were submerged, and the Akateng Market, known for trading foodstuffs and livestock from Upper Manya Krobo, Afram Plains North, and South Districts remains underwater as the river recedes at a slow pace.

This has disrupted economic activities and livelihoods causing residents to call on the local assembly to relocate the market to a safer and more permanent location.

The consequences of these floods extend beyond the economic impact.

The situation has also affected the health of the residents, with an increase in malaria cases, even among pregnant women.

In response to the perceived neglect and the urgency of the situation in Upper Manya Krobo, former Chief of Staff Julius Debrah and a few other individuals have stepped forward to aid the victims.

Their donation included 1,100 bags and bottles of sachet water, medicines, and seven bales of used clothing, which were handed over to the flood victims on Sunday, November 5, 2025 by the Member of Parliament for Upper Manya Krobo, Bismark Tetteh Nyarko.

“We have donated seven bales of used clothes all from Just-B shop they donated it to us.So we say thank you .We also donated 1,100 bags of sachet water by courtesy Julius Debrah former Chief of Staff.We have also donated some pharmaceuticals given to us by Kojo Dankwah to the health center . Because of the floods ,Snakes and mosquitos and other disease causing insects are affecting our people definitely they will come to the health center so people can receive free treatment . Other ones are coming so as and when we receive we will Donate to them”

During the handover, the MP reiterated his commitment to collaborating with other Members of Parliament in flood-impacted areas to demand compensation for the flood victims.

Juliana Avieke, a Nurse midwife at the Akateng Health Center, expressed concern about the health-related challenges resulting from the floods.

She was therefore excited by the donation of drugs to the facility.

“Some of the drugs we are not having there is shortage so as they bring it it will help us give it those who are in need of it .Some people also come without health insurance so since it is free we will administer to them as well”.

She added “We have not yet recorded any cholera case but so far it is only the malaria that is on increasing rate .Those affected by the floods- the homeless people they do sleep outside some are not having the mosquito nets to sleep under so because of that they expose themselves to mosquito and that is lead to the increase of malaria cases”

Moses Tei, the spokesperson for the victims, also called on the government to provide assistance to the affected individuals and communities.

“When the water came it spoil out buildings ,our farm, out market and everything so we thank the MP very well.So we are also pleading to government to also to come to Akaten to also come in. NADMO Should also come to help us”

Source: Ansah