The leader of Movement for Change,Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, has given another reason, compelling enough as to why Ghanaians must not make the mistake of entrusting the destiny of the country into the hands of the NPP and the NDC.

Speaking at a fully packed and charged GNAT Hall in Accra, on the occasion of what was dubbed “Orientation and Onboarding Session for Volunteers”, Mr. Kyerematen explained that where Ghana has gotten to, it does not need Manifestoes but rather a Plan.

He was of the view that the idea of political parties presenting Manifestoes were only to satisfy a political requirement which only contained promises but most often lacked the Plan to achieve the various promises contained in these Manifestoes.

Mr. Kyerematen further made the point that what Ghana needed at this stage is a workable plan that has all the ingredients capable of transforming this country.

He believed that his Great Transformational Plan that focuses on Agricultural Revolution and Industrialization is clear-cut enough to take this country out of its current predicament.

The Great Transformational Plan which was first made available by the leader of the Movement for Change in January of this year has been touted as one of the best plans by people in academia and private sector and has been described as one of the best things to ever happen to this country.

It also marks one of the turning points in the country’s political history where a Presidential aspirant presents his Plan ahead of time for all to peruse.

The event which is to be held across the length and breath of the country,according to political watchers, based on the numbers showing up and their commitment levels, is beginning to have the much needed impact in our body politics and makes the 2024 Presidential elections an interesting one.

Yaw Asumadu