A former Women’s organizer of the NDC who left the party to join the NPP in 2008, Frances Awurabena Essiam, has been advised by Solomon Owusu, a member of the Movement for Change and an ardent supporter of the Alan Kyerematen presidential bid to concerntrate her effort on introducing policies and programmes that will lead this country out of its current predicament and not her usual tantrums targeting noble men.

Mr. Owusu during an interview in response to statements that had been made by the former CEO of Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company said the days where politicians particularly women only relied on insults and for that matter insults on men are over.

He explained that where Ghana currently is, trivialities must not be entertained as what matters to the teeming unemployed youth is who would provide them with jobs.

According to him, referring to Alan as not a real man because he left a criminally minded process does not change the narrative of Ghanaians suffering and that one of the reasons the country is where it is that politicians who ought to spend time to think of ways of developing good plans for nation building are mostly handicapped and so resort to insults.

“The name callings of Alan will not change the fact that the Movement for Change has come to stay and the earlier she recognized the movement as a force to reckon with come 2024,the better.

“Is Frances Essiam saying that when she left the NDC to the DFP and later to the NPP ,she was not a real woman ? Maybe she was not because real women do not speak loosely,.”Solomon Owusu said.

Madam Frances Essiam speaking on Movement TV, decided to use precious air time to attack Mr.Kyerematen and rather not to focus on projecting the NPP.

Mr. Alan Kyerematen and the movement for change has put forward a Transformational Plan that seeks to end the suffering of the masses in this country.

“What we expect from the likes of her to do is to engage in perusing theplan. It is often said that people who do not have the capacity to debate, often resort to shades. Unfortunately for her, Alan is above these kind of politicking but rather is focused on delivering the masses from their sufferings.” Solomon Owusu added.