The Muslim Caucus of Ghana’s Parliament has slammed Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram, Sam George describing his characterization of the Vice President as a “religious prostitute” appalling, reprehensible and terrible.

According to the group, such language is offensive, disrespectful, and unbecoming of productive discourse.

“As members of a religious diverse society, it is essential that we engage in respectful dialogue, especially when discussing matters of religion and personal beliefs. The practice of cross-cutting of inter-religious faith is long-aged and predates the regular participation of Vice President Bawumia in the activities of Ghana’s Christendom. Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama was a friend to many churches and was fully engrossed in their various activities. Similar courtesies can be said by successive Presidents towards the Muslim Community in Ghana. The Clergy and the Islamic clerics also beautifully coexist and happily honour programmes of differing faiths. The use of such bigotry terms, particularly those that objectify or demean the Vice President’s inclusive and unifying practice undermines the religious tolerance we enjoy as a nation and that has endeared us to the rest of the world,” a statement signed by Farouk Aliu Mahama, Chairman of the Muslim Caucus of Parliament said.

“As a Chairman of the Muslim Caucus in Parliament, i strongly condemn the religious bigotry statement made by Sam George against Vice-President Bawumia. Such remarks are not only offensive but also perpetuate stereotypes, discrimination, and unfair treatment based on an individual’s religious beliefs. Religious tolerance and inclusivity are fundamental principles that should guide any democratic society. By engaging in religious bigotry, Sam George undermines these principles and contributes to the division within our society. We call for respectful and inclusive discourse that focuses on the ideas, policies, and actions of individuals rather than their religious background. It is imperative that we promote understanding and acceptance of diversity in all its forms, including religious diversity.” it added.

The group noted that, It is even more harmful and counterproductive for that to come from a Honourable Member of Parliament.

It observed that “The magnitude of the source of the comment is inciting and stifles open and honest conversations that are necessary for progress and unity. As we inch closer to 2024 electioneering, we encourage all individuals, political actors and organizations to refrain from engaging in religious bigotry and to condemn such statements when they arise.”

“The inter-religious peace, tolerance, serenity and harmony we enjoy as a nation are scarce commodities in many countries and every citizen is duty-bound to guard them. Any individual whose omissions and commissions will tinker the progress we have made must be called out and condemned in the harshest terms possible. Let’s work together to build a society that values religious freedom, respect, and understanding among all its citizens,” the statement urged.