But for the timely intervention of a hunter, a two-year-old boy would have been murdered by an unidentified assailant ostensibly for money rituals at Senya Bereku in the Central Region.

Information gathered by Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan indicates that the hunter while returning home from his hunting expedition around 1:00 am Monday November 27, 2023, heard what sounded like the cry of a little baby in the bush.

This aroused his curiosity forcing him to get closer to enable him to confirm what he’d heard earlier.

While approaching the scene, an unidentified man suddenly with the speed of light fled further into the bush.

This got him suspicious the more and when he inched closer, he found an innocent boy lying helpless in the bush with an earthenware of mashed yam and palm oil and eggs placed beside the boy.

Besides the little boy was also a bottle of Schnapp and a sharpened cutlass, which suggests the boy was about to be sacrificed for what is believed to be money rituals.

The hunter alarmed by what he’d witnessed then ran home and reported the incident to the police following which the boy was rescued.

Meanwhile, it is believed the suspect might have stolen the baby from elsewhere since nobody in the Community has complained about a missing child.

The boy is currently with the DOVVSU Department of the Police at Senya Bereku.

Police have commenced investigation into the incident to arrest the suspect.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com