The Founder and Leader of All People’s Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga says the Founder of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen cannot be trusted as he’s not a principled politician.

According to Mr Ayariga, the inability of Mr Kyerematen, a former Minister for Trade and Industry in the Akufo-Addo government to stay away from the New Patriotic Party when he first resigned in 2008, makes him an unprincipled politician who can’t be trusted.

He made the comment in an interview on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV Monday.

“You cannot trust Alan; this is not the first time he has left the NPP and gone back. Today, he says he wants to be independent candidate. It is good for him to go independent, but then, the people he’s dragging into the independence thing, they will suffer after the election. Because Alan is not a structure, he’s not a political party or even a movement yet. So, what is happening is that all these NPP people who have left the party and joined Alan they cannot go back to the NPP.”

Hassan Ayariga warned that persons who have followed Alan from the NPP risked ending their political career abruptly.

“Alan is dragging all of them to destroy their political career after 2024 election. Because, after 2024, what is there for Alan? He moves away and goes into his luxury home, he sits there and then the rest of the people who were following him become what? Independent candidates diminish after election, they are no more in existence until another election before they come again. He first will have to pick even a form and qualify to become an independent candidate.”