I have been listening to the NPP rented TV and Radio stations since Dr. Bawumia was elected the flag bearer of the NPP, and I must say that the commentary they are running suggest that they have regretted voting for Dr. Bawumia. They cite two main reasons: NDC’s 24-hour economy policy and the credibility of Dr. Bawumia. They also talk of lack of unity in the NPP.

The presenters on these stations say the NPP headed by Dr. Bawumia are downplaying the effect of the 24-hour economy policy and pretending not to understand the concept, but it is seriously gaining grounds amongst Ghanaian voters. They cite response Dr. Bawumia gave to the policy and the subsequent endorsement by Chief Alan, the TUC and other businessmen as hurting Bawumia’s knowledge of economic policies.

They are worried that the nakedness of Dr. Bawumia as an economist was exposed when he said Ghana is already operating a 24-hour economy, citing chop-bar and momo operators as examples. They admit that as the answers are coming out, the 24-hour economy is not about chop bar and momo operators at all. It goes far beyond that, and Ghanaians are getting it.

They lament that the name “Bawuliar” is getting into the Ghanaian voter. It describes Bawumia as a liar, who lacks credibility. They recently say Dr. Bawumia has talked about digitizing the school food-feed program, each Ghanaian going to have a credit score rating and the provision of electric cars for the youth using only the Ghana card, but nobody is even talking about them. They added even when they invite their NPP talkers for discussion on their shows, they find ways not to show up. It looks like people are beginning to protect their own credibility, record, and integrity.

They see Bawumia as a weak leader who can’t stand on his feet and get what he wants. They said when Bawumia met the NPP Council of Elders and presented his choice of a running mate, he had to ask for more time to do a broader consultation, because the Council rejected his choice. They say all flag bearers had argued on behalf of their choice and even when, he Dr. Bawumia, wasn’t a member of the party, Nana Addo insisted, and he was accepted as a running mate.

The presenters always refer to Chief Alan and Ken Agyapong’s factions in the party. They say the NPP are underrating the power of the Butterfly movement. They say Dr. Bawumia went to see Ken Agyapong after the elections to portray unity in the party, but it didn’t work. They say the damage Ken did to the party, would make it difficult for him to campaign alongside Dr. Bawumia, and that’s a big problem.

In their bedrooms, the NPP has regretted bringing Dr. Bawumia to face Ghanaians for Nana Addo’s third term. If you want to imagine Dr. Bawumia term of office, just imagine how they are struggling to get the second money of the IMF loan. Dr. Bawumia and the whole government lack credibility and integrity both in Ghana and outside Ghana.

So far, the only reality the presenters have failed to admit is that “NPP agu”
Aba no, Mahama afa.

Is it true that Dr. Bawumia is deleting his posts on social media from 2015 to 2023? That’s a lot of work he is doing.

Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in US.

Source: Ghana/Kasapaonline.com/102.5FM