Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic has fired back at Shatta Wale following allegations made by the artiste towards him and Bullgod.

Shatta Wale, in a Facebook live video, claimed that he used to support Bullgod with cash during their days together. He also alleged that Mr Logic used to beg for money from him and other high-profile individuals.

Responding to Shatta Wale’s allegations in a Facebook live, Mr Logic slammed Shatta Wale. accusing him of being a liar. He questioned the fault in asking for money from Shatta Wale since they used to do business together.

Mr Logic said that, contrary to Shatta Wale’s claims. he rather used to support him with cash as Shatta Wale was broke and homeless.

“It is sad when someone says he has money but does not have peace. Shatta Wale said so many things about me and Bullgod in his video. I will reply to my own.

“In 2009. When I came to Ghana and met this boy called Bandana, that boy didn’t know me then. That time he was a homeless boy. He used to squat at Juwaid’s house. He didn’t even have a car then. That boy is a big liar, I am confused as to how he can lie.- he shared.

Mr Logic further claimed that Shatta Wale had sent nude pictures to his former partner.

Shatta Juwaid’s girlfriend, which resulted in him being kicked out of the house.

“You had sent pictures of your penis to Juwaid’s girlfriend, leading him to sack you from his apartment. I had to meet you at Tawala Beach and even gave you GlHC100 after Juwaid had sacked you. You came to me begging to work with me. You were a poor person,” he said.

Mr Logic also claimed that birthed the “Dancehall King” idea which became the title and song that shot Shatta Wale to his acclaimed fame.

“Tell Ghana where you got the title ‘Dancehall King’ from. It was never your idea. I was the one who gave you that idea. I was the one who made you do the song Dancehall King and listened to it when you first. Everyone on the streets can testify that no one was promoting you when you were Banadana, only me.’

In subsequent videos. Mr Logic alleged that Shatta Wale had attempted to sabotage the career of fellow dancehall artiste Jupita by spreading rumours that Jupita was engaged in a homosexual affair with a government official.

He added that Shatta had claimed to have engaged in anal sex with socialite Moesha Budong, pimped out his girlfriend in exchange for cash and chained to a toilet during his spat with female dancehall artiste Kaakie during their beef in 2019.

“You should be ashamed. You betrayed Shatta Michy despite all she did for you. She stood by you. If every upcoming artiste had a woman like Shatta Michy they would have made it in life. She bent over for you and fed you. Today you betray her?” he said.