Politician and Convener of 18 Plus 4 NDC, Bridget Bonnie has called on leadership of the National Democratic Congress to officially adopt the 18 Plus for NDC initiative as one of the party.

Speaking in an interview with Broadcast Journalist Natalie Fort, on The Natalie Fort Show of GHOneTV, she emphasized the group which seeks to orient and educate the youth on the National Democratic Congress, can greatly contribute to increasing the youth base of the party, and should be taken on officially ahead of the 2024 elections.

“If you want to do politics, you must be well educated on governance and politics. As more and more youth show an interest in politics, 18 Plus for NDC seeks to educate them and enable them to have a strong voice and impact specifically within the NDC. We do so by orienting young people about the NDC; its ideology, history, purpose and personalities who form the party.”

18 Plus 4 NDC is a network of social democrats with a mission to educate and orient young people about the principles, values, philosophies and policies of the National Democratic Congress.

It is present across all 16 regions of Ghana, and is made up of over 30,000 members. Since its inception, 18 Plus 4 NDC has undertaken over 30 humanitarian projects countrywide.

Bridget Bonnie says she is dissatisfied with the fact that 18 Plus 4 NDC has not been officially adopted by the National Democratic Congress.

“18 Plus for NDC has already made a significant contribution to the involvement of the youth in the NDC, and deepened the understanding of young Ghanaians in the party’s ideology. There is no reason for the initiative to not be taken on officially by the National Democratic Congress. I appeal to leaders of the party to adopt the 18 Plus for NDC initiative as an official party one; as it presents numerous benefits to the NDC in this election year.” stated Bridget Bonnie.

Youth participation in politics and elections has always been fundamental in the evolution of Ghana’s political landscape.

Reports reveal in 2020 most Ghanaians who had registered to vote were between the ages of 18 and 35, out of approximately 9.4 million people, 2.6 million were first time voters, while 3.3 million were between the ages of 36 to 45, the least group were persons aged 75 years and above.

Convener of 18 Plus for NDC, Bridget Bonnie is adamant it will serve as a great advantage to the party if its leadership takes on 18 Plus for NDC as an official party initiative prior to election 2024.

“I have seen a lot of young people thrive in the NDC, as compared to other political parties. The hierarchy within the National Democratic Congress is devoid of bureaucracy; as a young person once you are interested, capable and able to perform, you have the opportunity to grow within the party – this has been my experience. It is only in order that the party takes up 18Plus4NDC as an official initiative, evidenced by the impact we have made throughout the years” Bridget noted.