The country Ghana has gone through several phases of adversities since the inception of the 4th Republican dispensation. Brutalities that were meted to political opponents in the early days of our history and the sharing of kerosine as well as gari etc are all a thing of the past.

Ghanaians, however were taken aback with the emergence of a video that had NDC members featuring in where they were swearing to sacrifice their own lives and that of their first borns to aid the party win political power. This is not only reckless but a very very dangerous enterprise that well-meaning Ghanaians should not allow it to go unattended to.

Ghana doesn’t need leaders who are so desperate for political power to the extent that they are ready to sacrifice human beings, even their own first born, simply for power.

Such people are really dangerous characters and do not have the good of the people of Ghana at heart. If they are ready to sacrifice their own children just for political power, who else will they not be ready to kill?

The situation even becomes more serious and dangerous when the flagbearer of the NDC is an Assemblies of God person that preaches Godliness.

We as a country cannot sit down for individuals whose pre-occupation is just to get political and do not care to sacrifice human blood to attain that feat.

The two political parties have shown that their leaders are not God fearing unlike Alan, who has shown time without number that he is non-vicious, competent and Good fearing leader that Ghana needs.

Ghanaians MUST REJECT the NDC and the NPP!

Apostle Kwame Antwi
House of Faith Church.