The era of voting for Presidential candidates that came on the back of lofty promises without any plan is under serious threat of survival as poverty and hunger begins to lead voters in Africa particularly Sub Saharan Africa to ask questions.

The very abysmal performance of such candidates in the past led to the people of Benin making a determination that they will refuse the statusquo and go with a candidate that had a Plan and also was independent of any of the political establishment.

In the run up to the 2016 elections,Talon introduced his vision by way of a plan to the people of Benin and assured them that with the plan that has been put forward,Benin will begin to see progress.He promised to concerntrate his plan on agriculture and industrialisation and also deal ruthlessly with corruption.

The people of Benin read the plan and agreed that when implemented well,the country will begin to see signs of progress.They entrusted the destiny of the country into his hands and as though miracle,his plans are working to perfection.

His focus on agriculture is bearing fruit with the cotton industry booming in Benin raking in more foreign exchange for the country. His fight on corruption was taking to the security services by providing them with training and also getting rid of corrupt officers as well as making promotions in the judiciary based solely on merit and nothing else.

He with determination and love for country has jailed politicians in Benin who had looted the country with some on the run making corruption in the west African country a dangerous enterprise.

At the time President Talon took over as the President of the country,the GDP was $11.82B.Today, with plan and a patriotic heart to serve,the GDP of Benin in purchasing power parity terms under the able leadership of Talon is $49B. Remember where he took the GDP from.

The story of Patrice Talon draws similarities with what Mr. Alan Kyerematen of Ghana is assuring the people of this country. Mr.Alan Kyerematen in a similar manner is the only candidate in Ghana vying for the Presidency of the country that has put forward a plan dubbed the Great Transformational Plan.

In the GTP put forward by Mr.Kyerematen,the focus just like Talon is on agriculture. One of the basic principles of development and for that matter job creation is to focus on areas or sectors that you have comparative advantage.Various literature on the Ghanaian economy and from real life experience puts agriculture as an area that Ghana has a comparative advantage.It therefore makes sense that Mr. Kyerematen would focus on that sector. Even in its current state that the sector is not being organized properly,it provides close to 60% of Ghanaians employment so one can wonder if resources are channeled into the sector, the number of quality employment that would be created there. On this score, Alan and Talon are on the same page.

Alan again promises Industrialisation.His strategy is to use the raw materials that will be generated from agriculture to form the basis of our Industrialisation coupled with the natural minerals that the country is blessed with. The idea of having Automotive Plan which plan was developed by him is to industrialise the country. Here again Talon and Alan are on the same page.

The idea of having the political will,credibility and character to implement these policies.It is just not enough to have these plans without having the political will, character and integrity to implement these plans. In Ghana at the moment,of all the candidates that are vying for the position of President,the only one with credibility is Alan. He is the only politician who has the can-do spirit and not corrupt and has the character to implement his plan apart from being the only politician with a plan.

The lessons in Benin tells us that without dealing effectively with corrupt politicians,one cannot bring the development any country desires.Once again if there is any candidate going into election 2024 who has what it takes to deal with corruption officials,then there is none than Alan. In fact the Vice President whose office was used to steal an innocent businessman’s rice and shared to Muslims that were fasting cannot be said to be the one who will fight corruption when the culprit of that crime is still at post. The former President Mahama who himself could not answer the question as to whether or not he is corrupt cannot be the one to deal with the issue of corruption.

It is important at this stage for Ghanaians to understand that hunger does not know political colour and that leadership decides everything.

The problem of Ghana is basically a leadership one.The country has lacked leaders that came to office at the back of a Plan. The country at the moment is going through an IMF program having embarked on a Domestic Debt Exchange Program and also negotiating with its external creditors. The voters must understand that we have only postponed our problem and also hardship with the DDEP and also what we are doing with our external creditors.

The question we all must ask ourselves is how would we be able to service our debt both domestic and external beyond 2025? The answer lies in having a President who will come to office with a plan.It is only a plan that is workable that can save this country called Ghana. You have your destinies in your own hands and it is important that we vote based on issues and candidates who are credible,competent and have the character to take us to the next level.

The people of Benin have shown the way that it is doable and Ghana must not miss this opportunity of a life time.Your sure bet is Alan Kyerematen. Vote for him and let Ghana rise again.